Acer dropping Android notebook?

The presentation of the Acer Android based notebook has been postponed. “further evaluation has found demand for an Android Netbook is not strong enough, and it has therefore decided to postpone the launch of the model.” Acer stated.

The news is rather a surpise as in early June, at the Computex show in Taiwan, Acer was still very excited about the dual notebook, which would run Windows XP and Android.

They even went as far as to say even that the majority of Acer Netbooks would come with Android as an alternative operating system to Microsoft’s Windows and predicted an August unveiling of their new Android darling. “Acer believes the Android operating system will contribute significantly to the worldwide Netbook market growth.” they stated.

The times they sure have a´changed, because, less than two months later, Acer won´t even confirm a November launch date for the Android netbook. It remains to be seen whether the Android smart phone, which Acer was also going to develop and launch in the 4th quarter, is still alive and kicking.

What they might be doing, and might simply have said, is that they are waiting for Google to launch Chrome OS. Android wasn´t developed for netbooks, as Chrome is, and it would be far easier to wait for Chrome. Google has actually already come out and said they are working together with Acer, Adobe, Asus, Freescale, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba. So why not just say that?

It feels like another blow for Google´s Android, after Apple yanked Google Voice apps from its app store yesterday and today. You´d almost start believing in conspiracy theories…

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  • myliucyclub

    If Google has Chrome-OS plan, we can wait Acer too.

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  • I love what Google and its team is doing. The Android phone very soon will be one of the best phones out. Google Voice is going to be fully integrate with the Android which allow for call management and then Google bought a VOIP a provider so that will allow for calls. This will be great for people who want to make long distance and international calls. Lets hope the prices of the new Androids stay where they are. Also google I think is trying to implement a touch screen like the iPhone, can anyone confirm that?