Google plans a Chrome browser sync

Google have announced Chrome cloud synchronisation. This should make it easy to switch computers and just keep working, with all your data intact. But how much of your data do you want Google to have?


The old Google browser sync for Firefox is no longer available. If you search for it, Google suggests using Mozzilla Weave. Google have also posted the code hoping that someone will do “something cool” with it.

Well, apparently, somebody did, because Google are relaunching their browser sync for Chrome, a Chrome cloud service that will allow users to synchronize browser data with their Google accounts.

It sounds like a dream come true: you can spill all the coffee you want on your laptop and still, when you fire up another computer, nothing is lost, all your settings are exactly the same.

The only downside? You have to store all your data online, bringing with it all kinds of security issues and even more data for Google to target you with ads. Personally, I don´t really mind, but yeah, more is more, and Google already have so much data on me!

To quote another blogger, I am already one of Google´s loyal minions. I use Gmail, Gdocs, Chrome, adsense, analytics… If Google wanted to put a hit out on me they wouldn´t have any trouble at all.  If you think ahead, when combined with the new Chrome OS, which I also plan to use, they will know absolutely everything. Very convenient, but also kinda scary. Maybe I should switch back to Hotmail?

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