Chrome beta has cool features

Google released new beta of Chrome. The company claims it´s 30% faster and has an improved Omnibox. Personally, there´s a different feature I like in the new Beta, the customizable New Tab page.

The great thing about the new tab page is that you can easily click to the pages you most use. (apart from Gmail, why is that anyway?). On the other hand, anybody else watching your screen or using y our computer will know as well that you only ever shop for shoes or visit Gossip Girl fanforums.

If you want to avoid being embarassed by your surfing habits, the new beta allows to pick which sites you want to feature on your new tab page, using a simple drag&drop system. You can use thumbnails to keep, say, The New York Times, on your New Tab page and hide embarassing stuff using buttons. I like that!

  • marc

    Yeah its great!! and fast too

  • PAEz

    Thanks for pointing that out, I didnt notice.
    But whats with not being able to have one for gmail?…Ive got one for gmail and it works fine?