Chrome os to launch within the week?

Chrome OS preview

Chrome OS preview

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the launch of Chrome OS since July, and now all our waiting seems to be coming to an end!

Back in July Google stated that they’d be launching an early version of Chrome in the autumn.
Google Chrome OS will be a lightweight computer operating system that will initially target mobile devices and most significantly includes a new windowing system.
According to TechCrunch , the launch will be within the next week!

  • Dwight Stegall

    I dislike online apps immensely. They are slow, featureless, you have to be online to use them, the server is down when you need them the most. Not to mention Wifi Hotspots are difficult to find unless you live in Mountain View. 🙂

    Give me a laptop with Windows and Sprint Mobile Broadband any day!