Chrome bugs are worth big bucks!

Chrome TV

Wondering how to make it through the month during the crisis? Well, there’s an easy way to make a quick buck on Chrome: find bugs!

Google came up with a great incentive for all of us to get involved: find a bug and get paid. Hard cash, none of that coupon business. An average bug will net you $500, a critical bug can get you a nice 1300 bucks!
The idea isn’t new, as even Google admits, it was invented by the guys at Mozilla. So get bug spotting everyone!

  • Fast page-loading sounds good. I seem to wait forever for Gather pages to load. I’m not sure I’m ready to experiment yet though.

  • joe

    When I sign out of ebay 10 or 12 items show up on the page in two horizontal rows curser can’t seem to open up the ones I want with out scrabbleing all over the place. To click on I have to use IE8. Try for your self,I same result every time.
    One more thing I wear glasses to see why can’t I set G-Chrome to 125% for all page defaults? It allways defaults back to 100% on reopening or new tab! IE8 stays on what you tell it to for page size once its set it stays on for reopen & new tabs Thank-You Joe

  • google toolbar not work in Google Chrome ? its work good in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox ?