Google voice: going too far?

Google Voice

With the launch of Chrome OS and talk of the all-in-one telephone application Google Voice most of all our lives may soon be completely ruled by Google. Time to put on the breaks?

We all know power corrupts. If you look back on history then the disastrous results of yielding too much power to one guy are obvious, think Mao, Hitler, Lenin, Franco and the list goes on and on. So should we really put all our eggs in one Google shaped basket? Or are we setting up the first worldwide dictator?

I already earn a chunk of my income through Adsense and whenever Google has an algorithm change, or privacy update or PMS, I shudder. So say we all switch to Chrome OS, and use Google docs, and this new phone thing, I would be completely dependant on this one entity.
And what’s more: who’s to say what Google will do with all this info?
So maybe I’ll split the risk: use Firefox to browse and Mac OS. Just to be safe.

  • Alan

    Valid point, Google has definitely changed the way nearly everyone in the world browses the web over the past several years. Gmail, Gtalk, Chrome, Docs (boo) and good old google-fu. They make things so easy, compatible, and customizable (last two are still works in progress though) its hard to justify NOT using google stuff. But I do fear they will turn into the next M$, who by the way only a decade or two ago were synonymous to what google is today.

  • Liz

    Then again: after microsoft came Google, so after Google there is bound to be some other big player. That’s how I sleep at night 😉

  • Pedant87

    Surely the title should read ‘too’ not ‘to’?

  • Liz

    absolutely right, I fixed it, thanks!