The coolest Chrome extensions

Google released a list of what they think are the coolest Chrome extensions. We thought to comment on a few of them and then, if you didn’t already, let you install them!

First of all, let me start with something I find one of the greatest inventions on internet today; TinEye. An online utility to find matching images to an image you provide to them. The way the tool works and the way it has been set up are very nicely done. And now you can use a Chrome Extension to wield it much faster than before. Look at this example using the tool with the Engadget site:

First you go to the site and then you click on the TinEye icon:

And then you click on any image to find with TinEye; after this you can see exactly all places on the web this image has been used before:

As you can see, now you can view all places it was used. Very handy to check the origin of an image or to check if it would be wise to put that particular image on your page (it might be on 1.6 billion pages or it might be, for instance on sites that take copyright very serious).

Then we have Google Voice. Nothing much to say about it and not really ‘at home’ in the browser, but if you are like me and you are primarily using your browser for anything and everything, you might find this very handy. It saves me a few movements with the mouse.

Google Dictionary is one of those tools that I use all the time when reading articles on the web; you can quickly look up any word you want to know more about with a double click on the mouse (command-double-click for Mac users). It’s a lot more speedy than any other tools I saw/used before, so I guess we can say thanks to Google again.

The last one I want to show you is the ScribeFire one; it’s an easy way to use multiblogging from your browser. It’s very easy to use and works on many many different blog types. This is a real time saver for people, like me, with multiple blogs to work on. It’s easy to set up and fast to use. I haven’t found any real problems with it that I couldn’t do with it compared to native Blogger or WP;

The rest of the list can be found at Google on their blog.