Is Google Recalling Shipments Of Cr-48 Chrome Notebooks?

As many of you reading this know by now, Google announced a pilot program last week for their new Chrome OS notebook – the Cr-48. All you have to do is register for it and with any luck – you may get one.  One of our writers was lucky enough to be one of those people, along with two other people that I personally know. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive. (Fingers crossed!)

This has received a fair amount of attention, and there are even a few places out there where people can hang out and stalk shipments through conversation and handy tools.   During this wild ride speculation, hope, dispair,  and straight-up  trolling we’ve discovered a couple hints that Google may be recalling shipments to a chunk of the 60,000 people rumored to be getting the CR-48. Nothing can be confirmed, but at the same time, nothing can stop the crazy internet  from furiously digging for dirt and churning the rumor mill in hopes of finding the truth.

I’ve been monitoring a thread on Slickdeals for a few days now, where users just hang out and chat while following a handy little tool one user created to watch UPS shipments. You can search by city/state, or by zip code and find out what has been scanned through UPS’s system.

Now, this tool only searches UPS and how it scans and is updated is a little fuzzy to me (and he has explained it, I just can’t seem to find the post) so its accuracy is a little questionable but the bottom line remains – It does work to some degree and there are some users who have taken using this to an extreme level. For  example, some have reported calling up UPS and giving the newly found tracking numbers to get an address.

One other thing this tool is good for is showing how many have shipped.  It looks like none have shipped this week. This is a little odd, but since no one REALLY knows what’s going on – nothing to be alarmed about. However, couple that with some of the status updates stalkers are starting to see on trackings is starting to make me wonder.

For example, for all the laptops headed to my city, Nashville TN, that have not yet been delivered – it LOOKS as if they are being returned. Now, I’m no UPS tracking interpreter guy, but look at these two trackings. They say they are returning back to KY, where they originated from, with a status update of:


…. Cause for concern?

Is this a recall due to hardware problems? Has Google realized this tool is being used quite a bit (the hit counter was in the hundreds of thousands when I last saw it), possibly being used to find out where UPS trucks were dropping these surprise packages? As we have learned, signatures are not being required and people are not being notified that a system is in bound to them.   What’s to stop someone from tracking down packages sitting on doorsteps?

(Besides jail time)

At any rate – what we do know, you now know.  Thoughts on the situation?  Have you received a laptop today? If so, was it by UPS?

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  • Anonymous

    I was indeed informed today by a UPS manager that they were intercepting some of the packages sent out from Ingram Micro, due to a hardware defect in a small number of the cr-48 ChromeOS netbooks and were sending them back to be repaired and new ones to be shipped to those currently accepted into the Pilot program. Hope that’s some good news to those that are interested.

  • Talton “phases” Pettigrew

    Interesting, any idea in specific what that defect may have been?


  • steve

    this is supposed to be real hush hush apparently, ups and ingram micro were even kept out of the loop on this but I contacted a friend within Google because a cr-48 coming to me was intercepted and returned as one of the defective, he told me to apply again with the same information as the first time i applied using this form instead:
    I was also told there is a very small number of affected units, so this should affect very few!

  • Gareth

    I am indeed using my new cr-48 that arived just today, I live near Cleveland Ohio and indeed, as everyone else, was never informed about my status!

  • I’m not sure what UPS did with the tracking numbers but I suspect its because we changed a bunch of tracking numbers. Chrome Notebooks are still shipping (we may temporarily pause over the holidays) and there is no recall.

    We’ve been inundated with applications to join the pilot program and are trying our best to keep shipping Chrome Notebooks out without drowning in applications 🙂

    Thanks for your support.

    Chrome team

  • wolverineguy55

    I still haven’t been accepted. Yesterday, I used the tool above to watch UPS shipments and saw one for my zip code. Alas, it wasn’t me or someone stole it from my porch! 🙂 Does anyone know how people are selected for the pilot?

  • Talton “phases” Pettigrew

    @Chrome Team: Wish there was a way I could verify your legitimacy!

    @wolverineguy55: No one really knows if there’s a specific to how they choose. I imagine it’s just based on how whoever is feeling that reviews a chunk of the applications.

  • wolverineguy55

    Do you know if Google is doing anything to the idiots who are selling the laptops on eBay? It really pisses me off that Google found those idiots worthy of getting one and not me (I would actually use it and give them feedback).

  • dilor

    Too Bad Google sent laptops to crazy prople that have to destroy them on the web….

  • Angela

    I had a defective CR-48. Got it 12/20, and after doing a happy dance at seeing it on my doorstep, I unpacked it and found that many (at least half!) of the keys on the keyboard didn’t work. I could use it with an external mouse and keyboard plugged in (clicking with the touchpad didn’t work either), but that wasn’t much of a solution for a “portable” computer. So I sent it back a few days after Christmas. I was told they’d try to get a replacement sent out, but “no guarantees”. =(