Poppit And Entaglement Come Pre-Installed On Chrome 10

If you’ve installed Chrome 10 from the Dev Channel, you may be surprised to see 2 games pre-installed that you didn’t actually install yourself: Poppit and Entanglement. Keep in mind these come pre-packaged on all Chrome installs except for Chrome OS.

Exactly why they’re installed I’m unsure. Perhaps Google is simply trying to give users a taste of gaming from the Chrome Web Store. Maybe they want to get people in the habbit of looking up new content beyond the typical bookmark extension. Either way, if you install Chrome 10 from the Dev Channel, don’t be alarmed when you see Poppit and Entanglement installed.

Oh, and if you play them, let us know what you think! And by the way, does it bother anyone that Google pre-installs these rather random games on your system? What type of licensing deal – if any – do you think is behind the deal?

  • Freyes

    Both of these games came installed on my CR-48, which, as far as I know is Chrome OS, so that should be corrected in the article,as fas as the Chromeputer is concerned. I’ve played both games, and like them both. I would like to see additional games, especially those that can play on the CR-48 net book. I’m loving this net book, so far. I’ve only had problems with google screen capture, so far.

  • Schwin97

    Tried them both out… Neither are bad games, but the flash implementation unluckily makes them both almost unplayable. Similar issue I have found with most games, both web app games and games in facebook.

  • Mike

    I don’t mind that these are pre-installed as long as they can be uninstalled with ease.

    On the other hand, pre-loading software, regardless of reason, does set a bad precedent. When chrome Notebooks start flying off the shelf, I hope they aren’t riddled with crapware..

  • nope

    i dont seem to be able to remove them. Bravo, this is the kind of things that gets you to use another browser