He’s Dead, Jim: New Sad Tab In Chromium

If you’ve got the newest version of Chromium installed, do yourself a favor and type “about:kill” in the omnibar and you’ll see something new: “He’s Dead, Jim!” is the new sad tab.

Some users are reporting their “Jim” has a bullet wound in its head with blood dripping out:

The line “He’s Dead, Jim” is actually a catchphrase from a Star Trek Character. It’s pretty funny, but I think the “Aw, Snap” would be enjoyed more universally. That’s probably why this is just in Chromium where the geekier crowd will likely see it. Now the bullet and blood? Not as much a fan of that…

For reference, here is the original Chrome Sad Tab:

  • I’m still waiting for my Cr-48 🙁

  • When i typed about:kill in my address box, a folder with swirly eyes appeared.

    I wonder what happens when i show this to a bunch of babies O_o

  • Jake_ethan_pogi

    iiiii dont careeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jake_ethan_pogi

    he’s dead Jim

  • Jim

    Go die

  • Jim

    Im dead…