Chrome Stickers Now Shipping With Cr-48

All the people who whined and complained they hadn’t yet received a Cr-48? Yeah, they probably still haven’t received one. But those who waited patiently haven’t only been put on Santa’s good list almost 11 months in advance, they’ve also been blessed with an extra bonus when their Cr-48 DID arrive. Apparently those now receiving the first ever Chrome Notebook are getting stickers to go along:

And check them out after they’re applied to the Notebook itself:

I’m not going to lie – that’s pretty awesome – but I’ll refrain from complaining that I got my Chrome Notebook early. That would just be unethical. But for those still waiting, hoping, and dreaming, your patience might be rewarded with a little something extra!

  • Kevin

    Yep! received mine late last week with those very same stickers.

  • I go the stickers as well, with my Mario FISH model.

  • ben


  • So, does this mean I still have a chance to get one?

  • Ken

    I got mine without the stickers.
    I like the look without the stickers. I guess if my son got one, I’d let him put stickers on it, but not on mine. I think it looks better plain.

  • Vito

    I got mine yesterday with the new stickers. Can’t decide if I want to spoil the black beauty with stickers.

    I still can’t believe I got this laptop! I had lost all hope and forgotten about it. Then it shows up at my parent’s 2 months after I applied and I swear I didn’t even submit that address.

    Stay strong if you haven’t gotten one yet.

  • Alex

    Still expecting one. Reapplied because I waited two weeks(My friends who lives close to me got his in 2) and nothing. I think.

    Maybe tomarrow?
    Huh, Google?

  • David

    Just got mine today. I came home to an awsome surprise. I never really expected to get it!

  • sujit

    well i have got an simple one. it was a really fantastic.
    Adblock Plus
    i cant describe alot. i think you should also test it for once.