New Chrome Beta Is 66% Faster, Improves Syncing

Google claimed their must be some coincidence between Chrome and the Chinese Calendar because 2011 is the “Year of the Rabbit” and recent updates they’ve made (and will continue to make) focus on speed. The latest beta supposedly chomps through Java at lighnting speeds and rushes through the V8 benchmarks with a full 66% performance improvement.

Typical web surfers might not directly realize the improvements were put in place, but they’ll certainly benefit from them. However, on the settings side, Google made some changes that EVERY user should be aware of… especially those using multiple computers.

The ability to sync accounts across all devices is part of the continued cloud movement and one that Chrome OS will also make use of greatly. This way, wherever you are and whatever device you’re using, Chrome is always set up JUST the way you like it. And I like THAT.

[Via Google]