Omnibox Gets Even More Omni: Developer API Extensions Available

Google made the “Omnibox” for Chrome with the idea that it could do everything. Type in an URL. Auto-complete an URL. Compose a search. Search specific sites. You want it? You got it. But up until now you only got what Google allowed you to get. The whole “Open Source” thing has worked well for Google and now the Omnibox is included in the list of tricks developers can tap into.

Above is one such extension utilizing the Omnibox that allows you to jump to different tabs. I envision there being MUCH more powerful Omnibox extensions. The idea is that developers can set certain “trigger” words that, when typed in the Omnibox, combine with additional keywords to initiate a desired user command.

Something take longer than you’d like? Got a good idea to solve it? Leverage the Omnibox and have at it!

[Via Google]