Chrome Browser History Too Basic? Install History 2!

Some people rely on their “History” tab quite frequently. Can’t remember exactly what address or URL had that great information from last week and forgot to bookmark it? Or maybe a few days ago you visited a link sent by a friend, didn’t read it, and you computer restated.

There are infinite reasons why you might want to view your Browser History but the default History in Chrome is pretty basic and not very helpful. If you want something a bit more advanced try downloading the History 2 Extension.

It’ll allow you to not only browse your history by days and weeks and search your history, but also delete multiple history items with one click. If one downfall of Chrome for your personal use is the sparse history tab, History 2 is definitely for you!

  • Steve Mustart

    Good Idea – Id like to try this

  • Bayoni2000

    Good news, i have always had that problem….i dont like tp bookmark. I tend to use the history more. This can really be devastating as chrome records everyclick. Even on facebook, it records entries for every pic you view, this can be very annoying when u are trying to get a link you used jus minutes ago, and you have to scroll through series of pages…Definitely good news for me

  • Apollo Eldon

    How about including a link to the extension’s page? Because I’m lazy.