Chromebook vs. MacBook Air

If you think about it, Google’s Chromebook could pose a huge threat to Apple and their Macbook Air experience. Take a quick look at some of the specs comparing the Samsung Chromebook, Acer Chromebook, and 11-inch Macbook Air.

(click to enlarge)

The Chromebooks are MUCH cheaper, you can get them with 3G connectivity, they last longer, and have mostly all the same multimedia/connectivity options like webcams and HDMI out. While the Macbook is little bit lighter and higher powered, Google is banking on two ideas:

  • A huge number of people really just need a fantastic web browsing machine
  • Web browsing capabilities and efficiencies are improving at a rapid pace

Part of the lure for the Macbooks, even if you’re only using it as a web browsing tool, is the brand name. While perhaps Samsung or Acer couldn’t have pulled off an affordable web-only notebook as “cool”, adding the Google and Chrome branding and concept (Chromebook) brings it a long way in terms of perceived value. If Google has successfully pinned down this market of web-wanting computers who prefer keyboards and web access, Chromebooks could be pretty popular within the next year.

Visit our Chrome Forum where we’ve got special sections for the Samsung Chromebook, Acer Chromebook, Chromebox and more! And just to make you extra intrigued… check out this promo video we snagged from Google IO:

  • lamekid

    chromebooks have intel atom man.

  • One is the next great thing since the smartphone. The other is the mac book air. 😛

  • Mike

    Is it an atom? Which one?

  • MacBook User

    Let’s see – severely overpriced and underpowered hardware that depends on a connection to the internet, or severely underpowered and overpriced hardware that I can do more than just surf the Internet and can also run Chrome and WebGL comfortably while playing music, editing video, and doing other stuff that you need a real OS for.

    I’d go for a Windows netbook first.