Samsung Chromebook Now Available [LIMITED]

If you signed up for instant notification on the availability of the Samsung Chromebook then you JUST got the following E-Mail allowing you to purchase the device:

I clicked through, signed up for a Gilt account, and low and behold was able to purchase the Samsung Chromebook!

Order went through and now I’m just waiting for it to be delivered to my front door!

If you signed up for updates and want to buy the first Chromebook, check your e-mail now and get to it… there are a limited number and this won’t last long!

  • $500 is way too much for this. If Google wants the Chromebook to be successful, it needs to target the price range of netbooks.

  • FunnyLookinHat

    You think so? $500 includes 100 MB 3G a month as well, which sort of makes it more than worth it in my book… Granted, 100 MB isn’t _that_ much, but it’s enough for when I don’t have WiFi readily available.

  • Donovan Leiber

    I think price is at a premium for early adopters. Afterall this is the FIRST EVER Chromebook avialable for purchase. Price will come down in due time… early adopters fee.

  • Liferules

    Got mine! Looking forward to playing with it, and the battery life.

    Worried a little about what warranty it will come with and through who… certainly Gilt won’t support, and not loving going through Samsung… maybe should cancel order and get through Amazon…