appMobi XDK Lets You Make HTML5 Apps In Chrome – Port To Android and iOS

I’m sure this is a heap load more complicated than it sounds but apparently there is a new addition to the Chrome Web Store today and it comes to you in the form of appMobi XDK. This new web app will give a developer the tools they need to design cross platform HTML5 software all from within the Chrome web browser. Pretty neat stuff in itself but the real appeal is the fact that these apps can then be ported into native Android and/or iOS apps and submitted into their respective markets.

appMobi XDK features a full set of debugging tools and emulators for testing your newly built apps. It uses JavaScript for testing hardware integration for a device by enabling access to specific functions like the camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc. Does this sound like the perfect way of making apps to anyone else? Now, I’m no developer so I’ll be looking to some of our readers for feedback on some of the pitfalls in using a system like this. So what do you guys think?

[Via Engadget]

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