All New Gmail Revamp Shows Up On Google’s YouTube Channel Then Pulled

A video appeared on Google’s YouTube channel yesterday introducing the all new Gmail user interface to the world. The only problem was Google wasn’t quite ready to unveil the new Gmail and promptly pulled the video. Thankfully, not before some Tubers could upload onto their own channel for the world to gawk over.

The new Gmail UI was introduced a few weeks back in the Preview theme and looks similar to what we’ve seen from Google services like Google+ and Google Calendar. As far as features go, Gmail has an all new action bar (similar to what we’ve seen in Ice Cream Sandwich) featuring icons instead of text. The conversation interface has seen a revamp as well, displaying profile pictures beside contacts. Makes it a little easier to read and identify who’s saying what.

An all new search box with advanced options was also introduced as well as a layout that readjusts when resizing your window. Like the preview theme, the new Gmail will feature various display densities and the new option for resizing the chat and labels sidebar. Lastly, Google showed off a few all new “high-definition” themes. All in all, the new Gmail is pretty impressive and is a huge leap forward from the current iteration. Who knew Gmail could be so vastly improved upon, oh that’s right — Google did. The new Gmail is expected to rollout in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can check out the pulled YouTube video below.

[Via GoogleSystem]