TooManyTabs is a life-saver for tab addicts

Unless you have a huge monitor, you have probably experienced a tab overload while working on your browser. This happens to me often, whether I am working or doing research. Once a certain amount of open tabs is reached, they start stacking up. Soon one is left with a cluster of tabs, with unrecognizable titles in a sea of options. This can be a pesky situation, and lucky for Chrome users, there is a very good solution.

TooManyTabs extension brings the ability to recognize and organize your dozens of tabs. After being installed, a button appears in the extensions bar, with a number that displays the quantity of open tabs. This leads you to a very nice interface upon being clicked. The window displays all your open tabs with a much more visible title and preview, making it much simpler to find your tab of preference.

If that wasn’t convenient enough, TooManyTabs also offers a variety of tools and features to ease the user’s experience. For example, one can search for specific tabs by using keywords. Tabs can also be re-arranged by name, URL or creation time.

There is also a “recently closed” section on the right side that may save you if you happen to misplace a website. One can even suspend a tab to reduce the amount of options in your main stream. The URL gets saved and one can simply re-open the tab by going to the Suspended Tabs section and clicking on it.

After using the extension for some days, I can find no issues with it. And I have been much more efficient when carrying out tasks that require me to open many tabs. This happens often, as I work online. It is simple, helpful, and it works, making this a Chrome Spot recommended extension for the tab-happy.

Chrome Web Store: TooManyTabs for Chrome

  • Vladyslav Volovyk

    There is much better extension for tab addicts in Chrome now – TabsOutliner. TooManyTabs only promise what the TabsOutliner really do.
    Not only TO will be able to manage hundreds of tabs, it is also really working Firefox Tree Style Tabs replacement in Chrome.