Is the new Samsung Chromebook really the best device of 2012?

It is hard to think of any Chromebook as the best device of the year, especially when it is competing against all gadgets, from smartphones to gaming supercomputers. Fortune Magazine has just published its Best of the Best of the Year section for 2012, and guess what? The new $250 Samsung Chromebook is the best device of 2012, according to Miguel Helft. We will have to give him an award ourselves – maybe the Best Chrome believer of the year.

We say this partly joking, because it is hard to believe this $250 Chromebook can make it to a position of such prestige. But Helft has some great points, and highlights how an affordable Chromebook can be very convenient and productive. It is a $250 laptop, after all. Netbooks have reached that price before, but this happens to be a quality Chromebook, while Windows netbooks at the same price point are the lowest of the lowest.

It is a simple machine that will always stay updated, without you even noticing. It boots up in just a few seconds, and is very light and thin. It doesn’t lack a physical keyboard, like most tablets do. And we can’t forget about its simplicity and internet-based capabilities, which makes it the most convenient option for casual users and travelers.

There is really quite a lot to gain from the Samsung Chromebook, or Chrome OS in general. Yes, we do wish we could have some of those full Windows programs, or that it had the same battery life as its Chromebook ancestors, but for $250 the Samsung Chromebook is quite the steal. We can see why he would rate it the best of the year, and it would be for reasons other than its hype.

What do you think should be the “best device of 2012”?

[via CNN/Fortune]

  • Barry Martin

    I decided to go with the Chrome system – against the advice of business associates – because I like the way my phone works (most of the time) purchased the 550 thru Tiger Direct and it arrived last night. Charged over nite and pressed the ON button this morning. Uh-Oh…Samsung model is frozen on first page – mouse works but the pull down menus don’t. Check the Samsung web page and this model isn’t listed – too new. Call support and get a great guy who explains how to reboot with a paper clip and then the screen reads “no OS or needs recovery” CRAP! I’m busy at work so get home and do the recovery using my iMac and a new flash drive…follow the directions and about 15 minutes later the system says “OK _ remove flash card and it will automatically reboot.”

    same problem.

    Call Samsung again and the CSR says “This is a known problem and I’ll have to write a ticket and have my supervisor call you in a 2-3 days.” I explain that if I don’t hear from someone today – the unit is going back and it’s not gonna be replaced. And my Samsung Droid phone will not be replaced when the contract is up — I’ll go completely Apple, as was recommended by associates. I replaced my home desktop with an iMac when MS Vista totally screwed me up and it’s been flawless. So much so that we’ve purchased another and two powerbooks as well. Oh and an iPad…which appears to be what this Chrome book will turn into because I doubt I’ll hear from anyone at Samsung today…or ever.

    Don’t buy Samsung – they sent out a $500 unit with a “Known problem” that’s bad ju-ju.

  • Shawn_Locke

    I just picked up the newer Acer C7 after extensive research between that and the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook (the one in this article). After discovering that the Samsung has a lesser supported ARM based processor, I decided the Acer C7 is the one for me. Since the Acer C7 has an Intel chip, it handles more tasks with ease (eg: Netflix is still NOT supported on the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook due to the ARM processor). If you can get over the lesser batter life (4 hours as opposed to Samsung’s 6.5) then I’d say go with the C7 especially at $50.00 cheaper. In any case, do your research before buying, as there are other things to consider – Solid State vs. HDD, material quality, etc…