What would Chrome OS look like on a phone? Awesome.

Google can be a confusing company sometimes. Right now they are pushing two different operating systems: Android and Chrome OS. Android runs on tablets, but not laptops, and only Android runs on phones, but they both have Chrome browser. Many people have asked “when will they combine?”

We’re still probably a couple years away from that ever happening, but what about Chrome OS on a phone? How would that look? According to the mock-up above made by +Zach Alcorn, pretty awesome. The mock-up shows what the app drawer in Chrome OS on a Nexus 4 might look like. We have to admit it has us drooling for a Chromephone.

  • Jonathan DeJesus

    No more name changes PLEASE! From Android Market to Play Store now it may switch from Android to “chrome phone”. I’ll definitely jump ship if that does happen in a few years, hopefully better things will emerge in time or if they do fuse the two together I hope they still call the OS Android. Its just catchy and makes your smart phone actually sound well, “smart”. Iphone,
    Please, I wouldnt bury my grandmother with one of those TOYs.

    As for Windows 8 who knows what the future holds for them to be honest their new line up from both HTC and Nokia are great looking devices and OS isn’t too bad. But I have to admit, I may have a slight addiction with Android. I already own 7 android devices new and old from a Google TV to my G S3. If its Android or Google than they can just take my money, LoL.

  • Muffstic

    Looks more like a Nexus 4/Galaxy Nexus combo

  • I don’t think you understand; this wouldn’t replace Android, it would simply run alongside it. I regard Chrome OS as Google’s future, over Android, so I’d love it if this became a reality. Chrome OS feels a lot more ‘Googley’ than Android does.

  • Shawn_Locke

    This phone is definitely a Galaxy Nexus as opposed to a Nexus 4. The easiest way to tell is to look at the Earpiece. The Nexus 4’s is all the way at the top edge while the Galaxy Nexus’s sits more center between the top edge and the screen itself.

  • stunxklp8cr3Dwf

    Yes if we could either run both or merge the two great, I love my tablet and smartphone, as I’m not stuck with a huge keyboard, or over large screen, trying to get chrome OS on my PC using Oracle Virtual Box.

  • Scott Tylicki

    Why not just sell Android to Microsoft then kill windows since windows going to app base windows OS then use the Chrome Pi name for new cell phone lines with Android plugins for it, then there will be iPhone OS and Chrome pi with no monopolize markets (Android formally Windows) Kids happy easy to use Microsoft back to 3.1 days next gen 2016 and up the reverse it back in 2100 (Just kidding)