Chromebooks released in Singapore


It’s sad to think that Chromebooks haven’t reached many areas of the world. Chrome OS devices are portable, simple, safe and all around very convenient. Many of our fellow Chrome fans across the world are probably waiting, and today that wait has ended for our friends at Singapore.

Google has announced that Singapore residents can now purchase Chromebooks from Courts retail stores across the country. Singapore users can buy the Acer C7, Samsung Chromebook and the HP Pavillion Chromebook.

They are more expensive than in the US, which is to be expected with most countries. The Acer C7 is $369 Singapore dollars, for example. This is equivalent to a bit over $292 US dollars, making the C7 $92 more expensive than in the States.

Do we have any readers from Singapore? Are you going to go get one of these?

[Google Singapore]

  • Singaporean here.
    Tempted to get one but in the end its just the Chrome browser.
    Not worth it to spend the dollars on it.

    I did have a play on ChromiumOS on my laptop, not really useful to me now.
    If I have tons of cash I would buy it as a toy 😛

  • Jacqueline Low

    yeah chromebooks are not available everywhere.

    the lenovo and hp are however much reputable with affordable pricing.

    If you are based into singapore and wishes to avoid the inconvenience of lugging purchases around, you can visit