Gmail’s new inbox organizes your emails in convenient categories [VIDEO]

Gmail does a great job at getting rid of spam mail, but sometimes even wanted emails can be considered spam. You don’t want to see a bunch of social emails when trying to get work done, for example. Finding a personal email while being bombarded by a bunch of receipts and social network emails can also be annoying. We have just gotten used to living with these nuisances, but Google is here to make it all better with its new Gmail inbox layout.

The new inbox puts your emails in categories like “social”, “promotions” and “updates. They appear as tabs, so you can just click on them and see only the emails you wish to access at that specific moment. Of course, you can change emails’ categories and move them around.


The new inbox looks very convenient. It can definitely keep your mind and emails organized, but I have the feeling it may also confuse some people. Of course, we will have to test it first-hand to really be able to tell.

The update will be rolling out “within the next few weeks”. Android and iOS apps will also be getting their respective updates, so keep an eye open for those too. Don’t forget to let us know if you have your new inbox yet! Is it confusing at all, or do you think it’s as good as it looks?


  • I cannot wait! I created this exact function with labels. Now it is built into the inbox. One more reason to spread the Gmail love with my Yahoo friends. ;D

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Wait…. your friends are still using Yahoo? haha.

  • I have been asking for everyone’s email lately because I know they do not all have Google+; I Circle their email instead. I found that half of them are not Gmail. So Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, SBC, and others! Ask your friends and new people you meet for their emails. Watch… watch how many are Yahoo. (e_e)

    Speaking of which, where the heck is your Google+ Page!?! What is this bluebook and twitter crap at the top of the page!!! >=$

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LOL. I know! We are missing a huge social network there. I am working it out with the team that takes care of that stuff! We will have Google+ soon!

  • Please post your blog posts on there!!! I want to add you to my subscriptions to get push notifications from my Google+!

  • Edgar Cervantes
  • LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the notification. Followed and +1’d! I hope to be getting your posts in by Google+ notifications soon!