Google Maps satellite imagery updated, clearer than ever!


If you find yourself venturing through the world on Google Maps today, you will probably notice some awesome changes. Google has updated its satellite imagery and the whole world looks better than ever!

Some of the improvements include the withdrawal of clouds, better textures and much more clear photos. Google was able to accomplish this by taking images from NASA’s and USGS’ Landsat 7 satellite and improving it with Google Earth Engine’s technology.


This results in a global image that is equivalent to 15 meters per pixel, an insane improvement over the previous image (half a kilometer per pixel). The 800,000 MP image now makes your maps amazingly clear and texturized. If that wasn’t enough, Google also got rid of those pesky clouds that sometimes block our view of the world.

You can go see the improvements at Google Maps or Google Earth. Simply zoom out and you will be enjoying all those 800,000 MP of pure Mother Earth.



  • Dave

    Amazing! Google is cool…constantly innovating and passing on the benefits.