Google Reader died today – what is your favorite replacement?

Today has to be one of the saddest days in a while. I woke up this morning getting ready to work with the same daily excitement. I crawled out of bet to my desk and everything was good until I tried to access my Google Reader account. I was welcomed by this:


It is not often that we see a service die with so many upset users. In fact, services are usually axed due to lack of users, which we know was not exactly the case with Reader. Even if Google claims the RSS client was not very popular, other services like Feedly got millions of subscribers very quickly.

What could have been Google’s reason? We later found out that Google has “better” plans for news consumption. But the fact is many of us want that classic news aggregator we are so used to and depend on. Other services are banking on the opportunity, the most popular being Feedly and AOL Reader.

We wanted to take a moment to see what how our readers felt about the transition. Do you care much for the death of Google Reader? If so, you have probably found a replacement already – which one is it?

I am using Feedly right now. I tried AOL reader but I don’t like how it arranges my news. The service is still in beta, though, so I am keeping it for a while and giving it a chance. For now, my daily driver is Feedly. It is stable, simple and relatively similar to Google’s dead RSS reader.


  • Kenny Larson

    Feedly for sure.

  • achmafooma

    Been very happy with NewsBlur. Can be configured to work pretty much just like Reader did. Unfortunately it’s not free, but I think it’s well worth the price of admission.

  • J Van Camp

    I have been using Feedly for web access (laptop). But I don’t like Feedly for mobile. I prefer gReader (by noinnion) for my Android.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Are you able to keep them synced?