Chromebooks gaining marketshare while all others lose it


The PC industry is taking a hit with the recent boom in the mobile communications market. Smartphones and tablets are satisfying people’s computing needs, and we are starting to see one-computer (with many mobile devices) homes becoming a stronger trend. There is one type of computer getting stronger, though.

You guessed it. Chromebooks are taking the market by storm with their affordable prices, great performance and simple ecosystem. In fact, NPD Group Inc. states that Chromebooks now make for 20%-25% of the market for laptops that cost under $300.

This may be surprising considering there are many cheap Windows computers out there (yes, many under $300). These offer a full operating system, while the web-based nature of Chrome OS can bring some limitations.

Google has a nice niche market to cater too. Most people use their computers for simple online tasks, and the Chromebook can do that and more. In fact, you can do offline office work (word processing, etc.) from a Chromebook. Unless you are editing heavy photos or videos you will more than likely be able to live happily with a Chromebook.

Long live Chrome OS! Tell us, guys. How many of you would rather get a sub-$300 Chromebook than a sub-$300 laptop with a “full OS”?


  • codemonkey85

    At this point all I need is full software development support and I’m good to roll with Chrome OS.

  • shadowguy14

    Well considering all I do is use the web, obviously my Chromebook is the best! However when I go to college I just might have to use a “regular computer” god dammit

  • Bill

    99% of all I need to do I can accomplish on my Chromebook. No need for a heavy OS that would slow the machine. When I need to do that other 1% I go to my Linux or Mac machine. But I prefer my Chromebook to any other due to its size, it stays cool even on video playback, and it’s fast for the limited amount of processing power and RAM it comes with.

  • Dude

    I love my Chromebook because it does NOT run Windows 8 Metro!

  • cheeto0

    you also can put linux on a chromebook and switch to it in a keystroke for the 1%