Guest browsing mode coming to Chrome for desktop


The Chrome browser offers many convenient tools to improve your experience, but they can also uncover your private information sometimes. Simply forget to sign off facebook and the next person who uses your computer has your life in his hands. Chrome OS allows you to browse as a guest, but the feature has been missing for other users until now.

Chrome evangelist François Beaufort is letting us know that guest browsing mode is coming to Chrome for desktop. The feature is being implemented in the latest Chromium build and we will all be able to use it very soon.

It can be enabled by going to hrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management. I have tested it on Chrome Beta but sadly it only works with Windows computers. Regardless, I am happy to know guest mode is coming to Chrome. I am tired of people having access to all my info when they use my computer.

[François Beaufort]

  • metabrewing

    Now, if only Chrome OS would catch up to Chrome on other operating systems and allow a user to sign into multiple accounts in different windows through a profiles tab in the upper left-hand corner.