Chromecast hands-on

We are live at Google’s San Francisco event and we have to say today was a great day for Chrome fans. Google announced the Chromecast, which allows us to stream and mirror content from our mobile devices and computers. We got our crazy little hands on a demo unit, so we couldn’t wait to unbox this bad boy and give you a few first impressions.

Needless to say the device is very small and protable. Our very own Chris Chavez mentions it feels like it weighs nothing. Sit back, relax and check out the video!

Chromecast peeking

  • VI

    I was really excited until I read “from a supported app” …. meaning content providers are still going to “block viewing from this device” with reckless abandon unless Chrome unselfishly allows all video stream from it’s browser to work (which they wont).

    So much potential for $35 … ahh well.

  • Y314K

    Hulu might still be able to block it.. But If u can go to site u can send a tab to the TV with this device… Meaning although streaming from an app would be best.. U can do it from a Chrome tab too…. So there should be options…

    I do hope that FireFox is able got get a Addonn to be able to use this device from FireFox Android & FireFox PC…