Chrome becomes more touch-friendly with Windows 8

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and it has to evolve along with the rest of the industry. The hottest trend in computing is touchscreens. Windows 8 laptops and tablets are now focusing on touch controls and it was only a matter of time before Google updated Chrome to fit our new tech habits.


Chrome Canary has been updated with a couple touchscreen optimizations you will surely enjoy. Users can now swipe left and right to go back and forward. This will make for a much more intuitive experience for Windows 8 laptops and tablets with touch controls. It is similar to what we have been enjoying with other mobile devices, but in a larger screen.

Another added feature is compatibility with the on-screen keyboard, which now pops up when needed in the browser. And lastly, we have pinch-to-zoom! This feature is very important for any touchscreen device.

In fact, we would say any of these features should have been implemented long ago. Google’s leading Chromebook happens to be a touchscreen device. The Chromebook Pixel is meant to lead Chrome OS and needs at least these basic functions.

If you want to check out these features on your Windows 8 computer, you can download Chrome Canary straight from Google’s site. Remember this is not a stable release, though. Chrome Canary is for those who want to test the latest features while sacrificing stability. It’s likely that you will run across some bugs and issues.

[via WinSource]

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