Krome for Android lets you view your notifications in Google Chrome

While we await official solutions from Google that will allow us to get our Android notifications on Chrome and Chrome OS, third-party developers are already giving us the goods. Developer Damian Piwowarski created Krome, a two-part salsa that includes an Android app and a Chrome extension. You’ll need to enable rich notifications on Chrome, but once you do that you should be good to go.

Krome not only shows your Android notifications within Google Chrome, but also allows you to respond to SMS messages from within your browser window — no need to reach for your phone to respond to a quick text! Beyond that, Krome also gives you control over which apps can and can’t show you a notification in Chrome.

Go ahead and download the $.99 app for Android here, and head to the Chrome Apps store for the free companion extension. Give it a try with your Android device and let us know how it’s treating you!