New HP Chromebook 14 to cost $299, here are the details


Chrome OS fans are already making plans to buy their next Chromebook. We saw the newest devices announced this week and we can’t be more excited about the Intel Haswell-powered computers. Of course, we all want to learn more. So far, though, we have only heard details from one manufacturer – HP.

The HP Chromebook 14 seems to be much more exciting than we thought it would be. It comes in 3 fun colors: snow white, ocean turquoise and coral peach. As you already know, the device also comes with a brand new Haswell processor, giving it an average of 9.5 hours of battery life!


Other specs include a 14-inch display (of course), a 16 GB SSD, USB 2.0/3.0 ports and an HDMI out port. Add 100 GB of Google Drive storage and 200 monthly MB of free T-Mobile data for 2 years and you have yourself quite a deal. You heard that right – 2 years of free internet and storage. This is an amazing deal considering the HP Chromebook 14 will cost only $299!

HP claims this will be the first Chromebook to come with a Haswell processor, so the other Chrome OS devices announced this week should come either a little after HP’s or next year. I don’t know about you, but I am feeling very tempted. I would totally buy this bad boy if I didn’t already have a Chromebook Pixel. Are you signing up?

  • Matthew Fiori

    Other pieces on these machines have included quotes from HP people stating that the chips are not going to bear the ‘Haswell’ brand because they will not be exactly Haswell chips.

    So the 9.5 hour thing sounds nice but, what is the performance going to be like. The Endagadget video showed the screen with a static image on it. No page loading.

    Chromebooks are all about getting on the internet via Chrome and $300 sounds like a nice number in the same way the $200 is a nice number for the ARM Chromebook but everyone who has one of those knows that it performs like a $200 machine not like a $1,000 machine.

    So lets see some performance examples. If these things perform like the Pixel for $300 then they will sell very very well. If they are closer to the ARM CB in performance who knows.

  • Should be of me.