Chrome Beta 31 for Android brings website shortcuts and New Tab search bar


Chrome Beta has just reached version 31, bringing a couple interesting features. The first is home screen shortcuts, while the second is one similar to updates we have seen recently. Google is bringing the search bar to Chrome for Android’s New Tab page!

Yes, exactly like the search bar we got on Chrome for desktop. Most of us happen to hate it, but not so much because of the search bar. More so because of the other changes the same update brought. The more visible search bar makes sense for those who are not used to (or don’t know about) using the omnibar for searching.

Home screen Chrome shortcuts

Now it’s easier to make a shortcut for your favorite websites and place it on your home screen. Simply go to the site you want to make a shortcut of, tap on the menu button and hit “Add to homescreen”.


After that, you can just tap on the shortcuts from your homescreen to access your favorite sites.

New Tab search bar

The New Tab update for Chrome for Desktop was a bit of a downgrade. My biggest grip was that it hid the “Recently Closed’ and “Other Devices” sections into the menu, making them much less accessible. This is not the case for this mobile Chrome update. These options are still available straight from the New Tab page and they are very well arranged.


How to get Chrome Beta 31 for Android

Chrome Beta is for those who want to test new features in exchange for the occasional bug. This version of Chrome is not readily available from the Google Play Store, you must have the direct link in order to download it.

If you want to check it out, you can go ahead and download it here. This New Tab may not be showing for everybody just yet, though. Some of you might have to wait a bit more to start seeing the new design.