Pandora now available for Chromecast


We have been waiting for many apps to come to Chromecast. A big one was Hulu+, which recently became compatible with Google’s dongle. Other rumored apps to get support are HBO Go, Qello, AOL and more. All of those are nice, but today we unexpectedly got Chromecast support for the popular music app Pandora.

We are sure you have used this app, or at least heard about it. To summarize it: it finds similar songs to a tune of your choice. It’s like random on steroids. If you are in the mood for a certain type of song, just select the style and Pandora will find similar ones to play for you.

The update will allow you to stream and control your Pandora music streaming to your TV. We could easily just use our wired or bluetooth speakers for playing music, but that could be a bit of a hassle depending on your set-up. This will be specially convenient for those who have really nice sound systems on their TVs.

Go ahead and get your update (or download) the app from the Google PLay Store or the Apple App Store. You are in for a treat! But just out of curiosity – how many of you are interested in using Pandora with Chromecast?