Would you like your school to use Chromebooks?

CCSD Chromebook Deployment - 5

As the web becomes more powerful we start looking into Chromebooks as a complete replacement to often expensive, complicated computers. I have talked about this in the past and thought I feel like Chromebooks would make great education computers, I have my worries. Is the school system ready to move to the cloud-based Chrome OS? Some schools believe so!

Going through Google+ I came across some posts from a CCSD (Cherry Creek School District) worker who is documenting the progress on the district’s Chromebook adoption. The district just got 18,000 Chromebooks! The district has 60 schools, so we are not sure if they will need more, but 18,000 machines is no joke!

CCSD Chromebook Deployment - 1

Now, here is the best part. The district got the Chromebooks on Wednesday and they were able to deliver 572 of them to one of the district’s middle schools! This is proof of how superior Chrome OS’ set-up process and simplicity is. There is no way a team could have put together almost 600 Windows/Mac computers in just one day, and have them ready for a whole school a day after shipment.

CCSD is not alone in this deployment. Chromebook influence continues to skyrocket in the education system and Google continues to improve support for said market. But even today, are Chromebooks really ready for prime time?


I say it still depends. Some students may need full programs like Photoshop or video editing software. Others may be happy with a word processor and a browser, which means most K-12 classrooms. I believe getting rid of the majority of Windows and Mac computers in campus will take a huge amount of weight off the school’s IT team, allowing them to focus more on other tasks and making them more efficient.

Chromebooks are safe (no virus worries), portable, simple, fast and most importantly, easy to manage. You can’t ask for a better deal when it comes to student computers. But what do you guys think? Would you like to see your kids (or yourself, if you are a student) using Chromebooks at school?

[Jean Vean from CCSD]

  • alex amith

    ugh, our school got them, its a terrible experience as a student, 16 gbs of storage, and just about every “app” is a website link.given that i cant edit odt, txt,rtf,docx basically any file that is not made in chrome OS, and i say any file, if you want to open a .txt or .rtf and think it should work, out of luck. not to mention the lack of caps lock, and other crucial keys, and you cant place anything in the desktop, only pin apps to the launcher, which is stupid, if i want a file i have to go digging into the files app, and with 6 hours of battery, maybe less, what work can you do on it? no iTunes, a usable office program, Photoshop, its just a web browser, with a slapdash files app, and just a bad OS in general. the only thing I’ve done with mine is put Ubuntu on it, and only a crouton version of 12.04, with a ARM processor most apps don’t work, and no flash if you decide to install Ubuntu. so, this isn’t even a laptop, but a little kid toy, not fit for anyone above 14+ that’s serious, there’s no reason to get this, want gmail? any computer or smartphone will do, want YouTube? same there. want Netflix? same there. why pay $250 for something, when you can download Google chrome on any laptop, PC or mac, and do everything the Chromebook does, and more. not only do you get a full sized keyboard, with all the keys, but more than 16GB, app and programs that work, and games, YouTube, Netflix etc. bottom line, unless you are a grade schooler, or some woman in their 23-30’s that wont use a computer for something other than Facebook, don’t buy one, get and iPad, or windows tablet,at least with those you can have iWork, or Microsoft office, Netflix app, native apps, 9+ hours battery (i know iPad 2 and newer have this, not sure about surface or surface 2) and something made of dependable material. i mean these things are so fragile, a drop from a foot can render the screen useless, i knocked my Macbook air off my car and only a scratch on the aluminum. any collage students, you’re better off buying a $300 net-book than this, at least they’ll last.
    anyway, its great for grade schooler’s, older people who cant get a mac, and facebooker’s, but a bad choice for anyone else.