Black Friday deals: Chromebooks and Chromecast


That time of the year is coming, guys. The time when we empty our pockets buying all the awesome discounted gadgets. The stores will flood with fierce shopping warriors and people will fight to the death for taking the best deals home. Where are the Chromies going to get their fix from? Sadly, Chromebooks are not often included in these events, but this year we have some good deals!

HP Chromebook 14 Black Friday deals

The guys at Business Insider received a press release with information on Staples’ Black Friday deals. We have what seems like one of the best Chrome deals we have seen in a while – an HP Chromebook 14 going for $180! This is a great deal compared to the current $300 price point the laptop holds.

This computer seems to be the trend next Thanksgiving night, as I also ran into it while looking through Best Buy’s leaked Black Friday ad. Best Buy will have the HP Chromebook 14 on sale for $229. Not as surprising, but Best Buy also has all the other deals on popular electronics. You might not want to go from store to store all night.

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Chromecast Black Friday deals

Another sweet deal is Best Buy’s Chromecast offer. The insanely popular HDMI dongle has gone from cheap to even cheaper. Best Buy will be selling the Chromecast for $29.99. Now this is not a huge deal, with only a $5 discount, but if you are already there it’s a nice product to grab.

I am probably not getting a Chrome product this Black Friday. I have a very sweet Chromebook and a Chromecast already. These are great offers to keep in mind if you are looking for one of these products, though. What are you guys buying for Black Friday?

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  • J Cav the Great

    i went to Best Buy and fell in love with HP 11…but due to heating issues… got pulled… so at this point I’ll take any chrome book… the HP 14 is tempting….

  • p00kienrayray

    The HP 11 is such a sweet looking device, that I’m willing to over look the performance woes and the heating issues. But there are many reports that the chipset has trouble beaming video to a chromecast, so that was the deal breaker for me. The HP 14 is a little too big for the experience that I’m seeking from a chromebook: light, portable, stylish, simple and quick. So most likely I will look at the 4GB RAM version of the Acer C720…unfortunately that device is anything but stylish.