Chromespot forums: awesome topics and conversations!


We do our best to bring you the best content and answer all your questions, but many times the best way to get an answer is through our Chromespot forums! It would be nice to have you all join the conversation and enjoy some fun Chrome time with us, so let’s go over some of what’s going on over there.

Sign up and introduce yourself!

If you haven’t yet, you should sign up to our forums! It’s fun in there. And the more, the merrier. After that, come and introduce yourself. You can even hit up the lounge to talk about anything you want and break the ice.

Let’s talk Chromecast!

The Chromecast is very hot right now! The $35 HDMI dongle does a great job at keeping us entertained and allowing us to stream all content to the large screen. I have to say it’s the best $35 thing I have purchased in a while. We have a lot of questions about it, though. When is the device getting more apps? Which ones? Will we see an update with more features soon?

Share your Chrome theme!

All of us love Chrome here, but we love OUR Chrome browsers the best. This is because we all have different taste in themes and aesthetics. Some of us like it simple and clean, others like it flashy. Show us what your Chrome theme is like!

Learn how to control your browser via keyboard shorcuts

It’s hard to believe how many tools we have and never use. Most people know a keyboard shortcut here and there, but we are not really taking full advantage of them! Want to learn some cool keyboard shortcuts for Chrome? Check out this thread. And don’t forget to continue if you have one we don’t know about!

Post of the week

There is always that one post that is most interesting (or popular). This week, forum member ChromeKitty takes it by posting a question about how to buy books for students using Chromebooks. This raised a flag for me, covering an issue I hadn’t considered before. Google has no gifting or lending features! This forum post even inspired my rant article about Google not offering gifting capabilities via the Google Play Store.