HBO Go gets Chromecast support!


HBO Go was displayed as a supported Chromecast device in Google’s official site just last week. This made us believe that the popular video streaming service was almost ready for Chromecast support, but we have heard rumors for a while so we decided not to hold our breath. This wasn’t a false alarm, though: the HBO Go apps have been updated with full Chromecast support!

All you need to do is download the Android or iOS apps’ latest update. Only Android 2.3+ will support this feature (most people), and Apple users will have to have at least iOS 6. Aside from those requirements, all you need is your TV, your Chromecast, popcorn and a good dose of Game of Thrones!

As expected, you can also cast from your Chrome browser. Just hit up and hit the cast button. The updates will be rolling out during the “coming days”, but you should be able to get the apps by going to the Google Play Store! Enjoy!