Chrome collapsible Rich Notifications being tested, but they need to be improved

collapsible-rich-notificationsRich notifications are making Chrome a much more interactive platform to work with. Chrome is taking notifications to the next level by offering more information about the matter in hand and allowing you to take action on it. Is too much information bad sometimes, though? Definitely – that is why Google is testing collapsible Rich Notifications.

These new collapsible notifications come with the latest Chromium build and can be used by enabling the experimental flag chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-notification-ui. After enabling the flag, you will notice some of your notifications will display three vertical dots in the lower-right corner.

This is helptful for Rich Notifications that display large amounts of information or media, like an image. As we can see in the photo, Chrome will let you know when the Rich Notification is collapsible. After clicking the 3 dots, you will be given the Rich Notification in its whole glory.

I have one major complaint about this, though – Those 3 dots are not very self-explanatory. I feel like that could also be the settings or some other function. Ideally, a Rich Notification should at least have more data than a simple “you got a photo waiting” message. Maybe more details on where it came from, and if that is the case the icon that shows the rest of the notification needs to be more obvious.

Maybe an arrow? Maybe I am crazy? Do you think the 3 dots are good for this purpose? Let us know in the comments.

[Fran├žois Beaufort]