Microsoft’s new Scroogled ad uses Pawn Stars to attack Chromebooks

Microsft’s Scroogled campaign has become become one of the biggest jokes in the industry. It screams nothing but desperation and unprofessional competition. Just last week I went on a rant about Redmond’s Scroogled merchandise and this week they are targeting our beloved Chromebooks. They are not doing it alone, though – they have the Pawn Stars next to them.

The ad shows a lady walking into the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas, rocking her Samsung Chromebook. She tries to sell it for a ticket to Hollywood but instead gets mocked and told she could probably get to Reno. The Pawn Stars crew highlights that it’s not a real laptop, doesn’t work offline and doesn’t have Office.

We won’t even mention the long list of inferior Windows computers and the company’s history. If Microsoft is really willing to pay Pawn Stars a fortune to make this commercial, it must mean they are feeling the pressure. Chromebooks are on the rise, and that means no good for a company who is used to ruling the PC market.


Let’s just point out Chromebooks are starting to do much more offline; email and office apps being the most popular. As for value, I am sure I could get a ticket to most places in the USA if I waltz in there with my Chromebook Pixel. I could probably get more for it than I would for many Windows laptops.

Stop the madness Microsoft, no one likes your Scroogled ads. Everyone just laughs at you, even our Windows Phone sister site WinSource. This is not the right way to get Google “pwned”.

[via WinSource]

  • metabrewing

    Wait, there’s really a Windows phone site?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LOL! Yeah dude! Our buddy Joe actually has some nice content over there. I check it out from time to time.

  • AndroidProfit

    Wow! Are those Pawn Stars losers SERIOUSLY this desperate that they needed to do this? mMakes you wonder if you can trust the content of their show.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah I used to like their show. Kinda sucks to see them sell out like this.

  • AndroidProfit

    No doubt! I just bought a new desktop PC and if a Chrome OS desktop was available I certainly would have considered it. Microsoft is getting hit so hard by Google from multiple directions they are just running scared.

  • I am nameless

    soo fake nobody would ever want to pawn a chromebook

  • skirlofthepipes

    I use a Windows desktop just because I have a few “legacy” programs that won’t run on anything else yet; otherwise, if there’s any good alternative to a Microsoft program or feature I always take it. I use my Chromebook for 95% of all my computing and it’s way better than Windows. And as for these sorts of “bash your opponent” tactics…they only serve to reinforce my aversion to Microsoft products. Childish and petty.