Hands-on: Viki Chromecast app [VIDEO]

Foreign films and shows can be amazing, but the language barrier is something we must always worry about (especially if you don’t speak english). Viki breaks the boundaries and borders by providing video and subtitles from all places (though mostly Korean) and languages. And now you can enjoy it using your Chromecast’s wireless streaming capabilities.

Viki’s Android app has been updated with Android support and I have to say this quickly became one of my favorite apps in the list. Why? This app gives you videos from all over the world, along with subtitles! And not just English subtitles, the videos usually come with a long list of supported languages.

Supported languages for subtitles

The list of subtitle languages is really insane sometimes, but it all depends on the specific video. Here are some of the languages I stumbled upon.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Vietnamese
  • Romanian
  • Danish
  • Serbian
  • German
  • Thai
  • Japanese
  • Icelandic (Wow!)
  • Turkish
  • And much, much more!

Viki video categories

There’s also a list of categories to help you find the right content. Whatever you may fancy, odds are you will find some good foreign videos here (and understand them).

  • Home: This section will show you what’s trending, recently added, Staff Picks and more. It’s pretty much the most popular content available in the app.
  • TV: Mostly Korean shows, but you can find some cool anime and shows from other countries if you really look around.
  • Movies: You can find some very interesting movies here if you like Asian films. The US movies are there, but they are mostly older than time itself.
  • Music Videos and Music Artists: I put these together because they are mostly different categories in the same subject. Now these are mostly Asian songs, I found 3 United States videos in this section.
  • News: Now here is where the United States content is at! Pretty much all news videos are American and have no subtitles (go figure).


How well does it work with Chromecast?

In terms of Chromecast support, it works just fine. The video does happen to be a bit lower quality than expected, but this could be based on a show-by-show basis. Regardless, all the videos I tested were not even 720p. That was really my only issue with the app, but we assume things will get better soon.

Check out Viki for Android and test it with your Chromecast! It’s actually pretty fun. Don’t forget to share your experiences and ask questions in the comments. You can also check out the Chromecast forums if you need more help!

  • Questions987

    Tried it tonight. I noticed that when casting from my iPad, I have to stay on the viki app for it to cast. I can’t switch over to another, it just pauses the show. Not sure how it will work from my droid. I’ll try it when I get a chance to test it out and will edit this post.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    iOS is not a “real” multi-tasker. I use an iPad and I believe applications always stop when you switch to another.

  • Questions987

    I know that but when you cast it’s supposed to jugs be the remote but not the source. It’s supposed to run from the chromecast itself like hulu and hbo do. I can cast from either and multitask on my iPad at the same time. Viki won’t allow it

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Yeah you are right. That is weird. Let me try it after work.

  • Sharon

    I just got the Google Chromecast just so I could easily stream Viki to my TV. I initially set up for my IPad and discovered I could not leave the app for multitasking so set it up on my IPhone. I love it but after it streams a bit the subtitles disappear from the Chromecast stream. As soon as I disconnect and view on my phone the subtitles are there. Can anyone provide advisement? Thanks!

  • Anna

    I’m having the same issue! Where are the responses?! 😀

  • Sharon

    Still no responses just an attachment to this video. I was watching Episode 12 of Beautiful Man casting from my IPhone to the Chromecast. I had watched Episode 11 with no problem but as soon as it got to 18 minutes the subtitles disappeared.

  • Jacob

    Are you a Viki Pass user? that’s the only way you could stream HD