Chromecast update 14651: a look at the new and improved home screen

There was a lot of hype over all those new Chromecast apps yesterday, but you surely noticed a little something while you were testing those new applications. The Chromecast update version 14651 hit our devices yesterday and it is looking pretty good!

New Chromecast Homepage


The main improvement in the update is the new home screen. As you cans see above, it now cleaner and more minimal. Photo credit and time has been pushed to the bottom-right corner, while the bottom-left corner displays the name of your Chromecast device.

Old Chromecast home page


Plain and simple. It gets rid of all the extra fluff that was really not necessary. Now you can enjoy the images better, which by the way, there are more now… much more! I still haven’t really noticed any repeated photos.

I am liking the update, and the bug fixes are also welcome! Let’s hope Google keeps it up, I have been enjoying all the new apps and the new interface. I say my Chromecast purchase is the best $35 investment I made in 2013!