Google will keep your browser clean by banning over-crowding extensions

Chrome extensions tend to be simple and clean, but only if you know how to pick them. Truth is, they can get our of hand at times. Google knows these obtrusive extensions can harm your browsing experience, so they are making changes to their Chrome Web Store policies to keep extensions simple.


There are many multi-purpose extensions in the Chrome Web Store, which can crowd your browser and slow it down (like in the image above). The new policy forces developers to make single-purpose extensions that keep the browser experience simple and clean.

Considering the nature of the new rules, toolbars and other such extensions wouldn’t be allowed. This is great for the end consumer in general, but will there be some problems? Who knows, you might actually want some of those toolbars. Many developers will also have to change, replace or remove their extensions.

It is true that many sites and programs just force these annoying extensions onto their users, though. In the grand scheme of things, these new rules will keep Chroem as simple and clean as it is meant to be.