Toshiba Chromebook will be available in the UK February 10


You can now purchase the Toshiba Chromebook in the US, even if it won’t be shipped right away. This is good news to Americans, but what about our fellow Chromies across the world? We are not sure about every other market, but now we know the UK release date is set for February 10th.

The Toshiba Chromebook is available for pre-order from Amazon for £249. This is actually pretty expensive, as it equals to a bit over $400 US dollars. We can get it for $279 in the US, but such is usually the way things work. Electronics tend to be more affordable in the US, compared to many countries.

Regardless, you can circle this date on your calendar if you want to get yourself Toshiba’s new Chromebook. If you are not quite sure yet, you can also check out our hands-on and first impressions on the Toshiba Chromebook!