And Microsoft continues to throw silly attacks at Chromebooks [RANT]

I came across another Chromebook commercial by Microsoft this week. Yeah, you read that right. It’s not actually a Chroembook commercial, but these Windows ads are sure starting to seem like they are! They just can’t stop talking about Chrome OS laptops!

“It’s not like Chromebooks that can’t install Office, or have to be connected to the internet to get much done.”

You already know how I feel about the Scroogled campaign, so my feelings about this ad should come as no surprise. I find it silly that they need to at least mention Chromebooks and their downsides (which are not really downsides).

Don’t get me wrong, I actually happen to like the product they offer (ASUS X200CA Touch). It’s a great laptop for under $280, and it should be great for many of you. Maybe it’s even better than a Chromebook for some, but Microsoft having to say it just seems desperate. A cheap move.

What do you think? Is Microsoft really winning this battle, or just looking silly?

[via WinSource]

  • orion

    Microsoft is proposing and keep on reiterating that since chromebooks dont have office and other applications it’s trash.But what they don’t seem to understand is that there are tens of web editors including office 365 ,which is microsoft’s.Yes all those editors arent as good as office but that doesn’t mean that they are undeserving as merit and must not be treated as trash .Virtually everything is available on the chrome webstore from music players to games and as we progress the amount of offline apps increases

  • riberto

    It is like they are saying, just like Chromebook, only better!

  • skirlofthepipes

    Microsoft is getting desperate. I believe Chrome is almost set to bust Microsoft’s dominance in the PC market, and MS knows it. I for one have had a Chromebook for the last year and have never looked back at my old Win laptop. Just not having to suffer through the endless updates, cleanings and slow boot-ups is worth it alone, but Chromebooks offer a lot more value than this.

  • Peter Frazier

    i think it is getting old.. and enough of us, myself included, get just ranty enough for those around us to remember the corrections… even though i tell myself I am being funny with it, i’m pretty sure i’m just sounding like a over zealous dork..

    as far as MS getting desperate, i’d say YES.. anytime a cheaper… much cheaper alternative comes along, it will be followed by lies and slander and trying to puff up your product and justify a couple decades worth of market dominance cost markup..

    i have 2 avid Apple fannies in my family and even thou one is just a snob and refuses to even consider it, even though all the complaints are no longer true.. My brother on the other hand, he’s about out of college and the reasons to stick to the old guard are falling away.. SUBSCRIPTION MUSIC SERVICE has freed him from the ball and chain of needing a machine to keep his library stored on. started asking me about android and chromebooks.. they both fit his needs and he can save thousands a year to fill his daily needs..

    before i bought my chromebook i paid attention for a week.. everything i enjoyed doing on it was online anyway.. that is the key to winning them over, knowing what they really do and how much they will save..

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Really, the only thing keeping me from moving completely to a Chromebook is Skype, and editing programs. If I wasn’t working where I am, I would just use a Chromebook for everything.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I wish I could just move to my Chromebook full time!

  • Peter Frazier

    as far as skype goes, going to have to wait quite a while.. but photo/video editing is getting better all the time, would expect to get to a level you need much much sooner.

    I lucked out that the whole video conferencing tech never really took off in the group of friends/family so its not really a deal breaker.. the few times i’ve used hangouts went very well and if you can convince the friends on the other end to give it a go for sh*ts and giggles one time just to say you did you’ll at least have a backup

  • Peter Frazier

    too bad you can’t rig up a raspberry pi to be a little bridge..

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I just wish Adobe would release web versions. Imagine, it would be like streaming games (example: OnLive). If high quality games can be streamed, Photoshop and Premier can be streamed. Uploading our content would pretty much be like importing, then we work on it and download it (like exporting).

  • You don’t attack someone or something you don’t see as a threat. It’s that simple 🙂

  • Taruny

    It’s too much power in one compagny. At least in Windows you can choose your browser, softwares and applications. With the chromebooks, you put all of your computing experience in Google’s hands. That can be worrisome.

    That said, I can’t see how Chrome OS can take over Windows anytime soon. At least you can buy Windows and install in any computers with at least 1 GB of RAM, you don’t actually have to buy a chroembook or boxes to use it. I don’t understand why Google does not expand the use of it’s operating system for a variety of harwares…

  • ParacogSteadham

    I notice that this laptop has 2GB of RAM and cannot be upgraded. I don’t think it’s going to do well with Windows 8 on it.

  • siddarthdua2