LG Chromebase price and availability revealed – not looking great!


The LG Chromebase looks like a cool device, but will people want to buy it? It lacks portability in exchange for a nicer 21.5-inch 1080p display. It’s the best Chrome OS screen after the Chromebook Pixel’s, but it will need much more to succeed. We were told at CES 2014 the computer would be “priced competitively” (check our hands-on post for all the details).

If the latest reports are correct, I believe the LG Chromebase to be doomed. Industry news source Channel News is reporting that the all-in-one computer will cost $599 (Australian dollars). This amounts to about $540 US dollars, which is far from affordable to us.

Is $599 AU a fair price?

LG Chromebase specs:

  • Intel Celeron Processor
  • 21.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB SSD Storage
  • 1.3 Megapixel 720 HD webcam with microphone
  • Built-in 5W speakers
  • HDMI-in
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • One USB 3.0 port
  • LAN port
  • Ships with Keyboard, Mouse, and Cable Organizer

We must remember this price may not be similar to the one in the USA. Technology many times costs much more in other markets, but it will not look good for LG if the device comes to the USA with a similar price-point.

In a market where Chromebooks go as low as $200, Chromeboxes are set to cost even less and monitors are very easy to find at reasonable prices, there is simply no room for a device like this at over $500.

No to mention, this is competing against operating systems like Windows, which offers similar set-ups for comparable prices. And that’s a “full operating system”. Don’t get me wrong, in many ways I still prefer Chrome OS over Window. I believe we can all agree that Google’s platform is not for everyone, though.


LG Chromebase release date

I am almost sure the price will be lower in the USA, but we will have to wait for more details to emerge. The same source claims LG is aiming for an April release date, so we should know more by then.

Let’s see what consumers think – how much would you be willing to pay for the LG Chromebase? I would say no more than $400, personally.

[Channel News]

  • $299 would be a great price point, everybody would want one.

  • skirlofthepipes

    I agree…$299 would be great, but above that I’d rather get one of the new Chromeboxes coming out and just continue to use my current Logitech keyboard and Acer widescreen monitor.

  • Marshall Staxx

    A lower price would of course be nice, but I think there is more price room than conventional wisdom would suggest.

    Chromebooks are cheaper, but there are people who still want the larger display and free-standing keyboard (with a numeric keypad) afforded by a desktop. They have gone to using their iPads and Androids when mobile, and a laptop would just remain stationary, anyway.

    Chromeboxes are cheaper, but the cost of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, camera, and possibly even the cables can make up the difference in pretty short order, not to mention the time purchasing and assembling same.

    A “full operating system” like Windows might matter to nerds and power users, but to a large number of folk it isn’t so much a factor. There a many of them who can’t even tell you what version of Windows, OS X, iOS, or Android they are using.

    There are cheaper Windows PCs, yes. But what you don’t get with Chrome OS by comparison is sometimes just as important. Easier setup, management, and maintenance are worth money to some people. The potential “power” afforded by a “full operating system” is worth little or nothing if it is seldom or never used.

    As illustrated by the “scroogled” ad campaign, one can apply Windows PC metrics to Chromebook, ‘box, or ‘base in an effort to make them look underpowered, but those measures aren’t always relevant. If you use cloud storage, massive local storage isn’t necessary. If you use lightweight or hosted apps, big processing power isn’t a necessity, etc.

    The key to Chrome devices’ success will be educating the consumers that it is not a Windows PC, and how that can be a good thing.

  • Guest

    I Have $500 Dollars. Im OK with it. But the chromebox for meetings is too much for me.

  • Na7noo7

    I Have $500 Dollars. Im OK with it. But the chromebox for meetings is too much for me. $800 Is OK as well.

  • oubrioko

    $400 U.S. maximum, sounds about right. LG won’t sell many above that price.

    Priced at $375, it could be very attractive to existing Chrome OS users.

    If LG could somehow get the price down to ~ $330 (which may not be possible), the Chromebase could be awfully hard for large and medium sized businesses to pass up for their web-based task workers. Being able to provision 3 seats for $1000 acquisition costs, and virtually no ongoing maintenance costs, would be pretty compelling.

  • Alice

    I’d love one….no antivirus, or problems like windows has….

  • view2share

    No way. You have a 21.5″ IPS screen. I am thinking at least $399 and maybe $499.

  • view2share

    If this is successful, look for Microsoft ieBase running WinRT machines priced around $ 399 to $499 the Surface is too tiny a screen. That being said, the Surface 2 for $299 would be nice. Add keyboard and mouse is not too expensive — Logitech has you covered there.

  • Rolfi Polanco

    still not out come on LG

  • And look at that, $349…