RollApp let’s you use Open Office apps on a Chromebook

We all know one of Chromebook’s greatest flaws is the fact it can’t run many computer programs natively. In addition, most of these programs are not available in the cloud, so we are left with a computer that has more basic functionality compared to its competition. More support is coming every day, and RollApp is one of the best solutions we have seen in a while.

What is RollApp?

gimp-logoIn a nutshell, RollApp is a cloud service that allows you to use Open Office (and partnered apps) from any device. This includes smartphones, tablets and even Chromebooks! There is a long list of supported apps, making this a great option for those who need more functionality and options in Chrome OS.

You can use popular apps like GIMP, Inkscape, Open Office Writer, Open Office Draw and Open Office Impress. In addition, this service has access to cloud storage services, making your cloud-computing experience much more seamless. It can access Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and 4shared.



You can use most of these apps for free, but there are some limitations. The free service allows you to use the entire app collection (save for few premium apps), but you will have to see video ads from time to time. Here are the pricing details:

  • Ad-free individual apps: $0.99 per month
  • Ad-free advanced apps: $1.99 per month
  • Premium subscription: $6.99 per month

Advanced apps include programs like GIMP and Firefox (yes, you may be able to run Firefox on a Chromebook pretty soon). These are more intensive apps that will take a strain on RollApps’ servers, so it makes sense that they would cost more.

You can also keep the free account if you don’t mind seeing the occasional video ad, though. OR go with the premium subscription if you will be using the whole library of apps.


I am actually pretty stoked about RollApp. It’s still in beta, but you can be sure I will be using it and testing it to see how well it works. Those who join can get a 14-day trial with no ads, so you should give it a try!

Here is the full list of apps if you want to see what RollApp offers. Enjoy!

  • bahrta

    They changed the free plan. The last time I tried it they let you use 3 apps simultaneously for free. I can live with that The part that really makes the free version of limited use is that you can’t save anything in the free version.