Chromecast app updated for upcoming world-wide release


We don’t often hear of updates to the Chromecast app, but when we do it’s often important. The Chromecast app has just been updated in the Google Play Store, but what exactly can we expect? Here are the details.

Chromecast update improvements

  • App available in over 50 languages.
  • Improved support for Samsung devices.
  • Additional Chromecast settings and bug fixes.

The last two new improvements are pretty casual – the usual performance improvements. It’s a big deal to see the app now being available in over 50 languages, though. This can only be testament to the fact that the device will soon be available in “many more countries.”

We recently heard from Sundar Pichai, Google SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps, that Chrome was heading to more markets. We are sure many of you can’t wait to get your hands on one, so we are glad to see Google is taking steps towards this expansion.

Download Chromecast app from the Google Play Store