How to upgrade RAM and SSD on an ASUS Chromebox


ASUS gave us an official overview and demo of the ASUS Chromebox, but they didn’t go into much detail about upgrading the RAM or SSD (solid state drive). This seems to be one of the best features the ASUS Chromebox has going for it. It’s one of the only Chrome OS computers that can be easily upgraded.

We know many of you are still interested on this subject. If you want to check out the process, you may want to take a look at a video Liliputing has put together. They go as far as actually removing and putting the RAM and SSD back in. No new hardware was installed, but they shoe the process is very simple.

I just have to wonder how far you can take this. Would it be possible to get the i3 version and install like 16 GB of RAM? Maybe a 128 GB SSD? That would be one hell of an Ubuntu machine!

I know I haven’t welcomed the ASUS Chromebox very well. I am just not a fan of Chrome OS computers without portability, when specs and price on some Chromebooks are just as good. I have to say having this type of flexibility is huge, though.

I might just get myself one. What about you?

Thanks for the tip, banksyboy

  • Mike Manning

    What would more RAM do for you in ChromeOS? I wouldn’t want to install Linux but if more RAM would make a difference I might consider getting one of these units for my kids.

  • overtimeman

    Had my Asus M004U about six weeks now and love having it hooked up to my Vizio 55 inch.Have the Logitech K400 keyboard hooked up and all I can say is,”Chrome is King.”

  • Stewart Kronenberg

    i purchased a m2 ssd but it doesnt fit in the slot.. any ideas?

  • Gareth Underhill

    Hi, you’re probably sorted by now, but it needs to be the 42mm not 60mm length.

  • WERS

    Excellent info ! Did you just plug-n-play the K400 keyboard? Any problem?

  • overtimeman

    Yes it was plug and play.Most love the Logitech keyboard better than the Chrome Keyboard.