Chromecast headed to the UK “very soon”

Chromecast peeking

Chromecast has received amazing adoption and success. It is the right time for it to head to other markets, and we are expecting this to happen soon. It seems one of Chromecast’s first stops will be the UK.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps, recently mentioned the Chromecast is heading to many countries in the coming weeks. This was followed by evidence in the form of a Chromecast app update, which brought support for over 50 languages.

So, why do we think the UK will be one of Chromecast’s first stops outside the USA? Multiple sources have reported that UK retailers are ready to launch the HDMI dongle.

First, a “retail spokesperson” told the guys at TechRadar that the Chromecast would be available for purchase in the UK “very soon”. Said spokesperson also strongly hinted at a £30. This is almost $50 USD, but at least users won’t need to import it anymore.

The second piece of evidence came from Twitter user @Rage06. He tweeted an image of a box filled with Chromecast devices. These dongles were said to be sitting inside a Curry’s store, which is a very popular UK retailer.


The tweet seems to have been removed, but the image is now all over the internet and reported by many sources. This means it should only be a matter of time (hopefully not much) before our UK Chromies can waltz into a store and get your very own Chromecast! Who is buying one?

  • maethorechannen

    That £30 price probably includes VAT, so you want to knock 20% off the price if you want to compare it to the US price (so $40)

  • Keith Young

    I bought one off a seller on Ebay a couple of weeks ago, it was $50 but that included shipping and there was no import duty because it went through the postal system (I’m in Ireland) I think it worked out at €37 which is about the same as £30.
    Well worth the money, I am now addicted to “House of cards”

  • What exactly is a “VAT”? O_o

  • maethorechannen

    “Value Added Tax” (basically, a complicated form of Sales Tax)