Google makes Gmail much safer, protecting you from the NSA


Google’s Eric Schmidt recently said the company is “pretty sure” that your data is secure in their servers, but there is always room for improvement. The NSA has many resources, after all. Google needs stronger security and that is what they are giving Gmail today.

Google has just announced that they have implemented a stronger encryption system to Gmail. Gmail will now always use an encrypted HTTPS connection when checking and sending emails. This ensures that there is a safe connection between you and Google’s servers, but today’s upgrade takes this to the next level.

Your emails are now also encrypted as they move internally, whether it be between servers or even data centers. This pretty much negates one of the NSA’s most popular techniques for getting your information, which was to catch your data as it travels between data centers.


Gmail’s stability

Google also took the time to remind us that they are not only working hard on security. The Search Giant also puts high priority on keeping Gmail always available and stable. Email is highly important in today’s world, so we need a service that we can rely on.

According to Google, Gmail was working perfectly 99.978% of the time during 2013. This translates to about 2 hours of inactivity. This doesn’t sound like much for a whole year, but it’s a little significant in internet time. You will understand if you experience a Google service drop. The world simply stops when Google is down.

Regardless, you can be sure Google is working hard to keep your data safe and your services running. Let’s hope things get better this year!